Rocknor's Bad Day Monolux 2002

This is a puzzle-oriented action arcade game. The little robot Rocknor is lost and wants to find his way home. He has many obstacles to overcome on his journey, and getting through them will take using his brain more than his brawn. There are 30 levels to solve, each getting progressively more difficult. Because some puzzles build on each other, remembering your earlier steps is necessary for success. The levels are varied. For instance, on one level you may be pressing switches or pushing blocks; on another you could be working with other robots or conveyor belts. Additional elements are added in higher levels to vary the gameplay. If you make a mistake, restarting will take you back to the last saved waypoint. You control Rocknor using your keyboard keys in a overhead, top-down view. The colorful, scrolling screens are a mixture of 2D with some 3D animations. You see only a 9x9 view of the current level as you play. A sidebar provides hints on your current problem plus the option to pause. Passcodes allow you to return to the beginning of the next unsolved level. There are no time limits so the game can be played at your own pace and with ample time to think things through. Preferences can be set for sound, music and speed.
5-Level Demo v1.1 ~3MB (@ Download 3000)
Full Demo v1.1 (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 3MB

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