Ruff's Bone Living Books / Broderbund 1994

In this offbeat adventure, we follow Ruff on a far-ranging hunt for his wayward bone. His search takes us down a deep, dark hole in the earth and high up into the clouds. Fearlessly, he travels to a faraway jungle, then below the seas to a sunken ship and off to other exotic locations. Along the way, we meet a pair of playful monkeys, stars that sing, tap-dancing jeans, a friendly robot and dozens of other wacky characters. Can he find his special bone and get home again? Living Books are touched by magic. Characters talk and move, sing and dance. Sound effects, music, humor and lots of animations, create a whole new learning experience. Children just point and click. So they can repeat a favorite part, go back or skip ahead, all at their own pace. Reading skills grow through word recognition. As the computer reads them aloud, individual words, phrases and lines are highlighted.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Old_Schooler) 415MB
ScummVM Full Demo 59MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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