Runaway City / Meisou Toshi JAST Co., Ltd. / JAST USA Co. Ltd. 1995

In this game, you control Hiroaki Hanya, a college student. Some time ago, your mother committed suicide, and you continued living with your father, the head of a large corporation that publishes video games. You are unsure about your future, but you still consider yourself a lucky person. In fact, luck seems to pursue you, like magic, especially during your encounters with women. Women just fall all over you, and all your dreams and fantasies get fulfilled. You have to find out what is the source of this strange power! This is a Japanese hentai adventure, in which you interact with the game world through menu commands (such as "Look", "Talk", "Think", "Go", etc.). There are plenty of explicit sexual scenes, during which you have many detailed options to choose from. An English version was released in 1998.
Full Demo 3.6MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Part of: JAST USA Memorial Collection ISO Demo which includes Runaway City, Seasons Of Sakura, and Three Sisters 600MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Version (uploaded by The Asenheim Project)

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