Rune: Halls Of Valhalla Human Head Studios / Gathering Of Developers 2001

Halls of Valhalla, Human Head Studios' PC multiplayer add-on, continues the saga of the world of Rune as a stand-alone game or add-on to the original. Select from 15 all-new characters and two new multiplayer modes (Arena and HeadBall) in addition to Deathmatch for a total of 34 maps. Pick up that Battle Axe and prepare yourself for new levels of melee combat. These levels are multiplayer only and with no bots, you'll have to find other players to play it as well. The graphics are nice in the game but it's only recommended if you liked the original game.
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Rune Gold CD2 ISO Demo ~460MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
included in Rune Classic Full Demo plus official & contest maps & Rune Extended mod (thanks to Delacroix and upped by Spaceman) 1.07GB
Rune Gold - GOG Digital ISO v2.0.0.5 & Rune Classic - GOG Digital ISO v2.1.0.10 (thanks to hgdagon & upped by Meddle) 2.39GB

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