Sacred Underworld ASCARON Entertainment GmbH, Spellcraft Studio GmbH / Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. 2005

This is an add-on for Ascaron's Action RPG Sacred and requires the original Sacred or Sacred Plus game to play. In Sacred Underworld the story of Ancaria continues and expands. Ancaria is the kingdom where the story of Sacred is set. The story follows the events after the conclusion of the original game, facing a new threat. Now the players fights off a new evil power that has once again plagued the lands of Ancaria. To do so the game grants you access to two all-new characters besides the six in the original game: the dwarf and the daemon. The dwarf uses more 'conventional' weapons like a flamethrower or a musket and has the ability to plant mines which is very useful in multiplayer. The daemon consists actually of three different characters - the battle, soaring and fire daemon. Each 'version' has it's own attacks, benefits and disadvantages and can be activated with one click. I.e. if you activate the soaring aura you can actually fly for a short period of time. To play the add-on you need a character which has at least reached level 25. But even if you don't have one you can choose from the predefined characters that come with the game which are already level 25. Of course you can always begin a all new game in the old world of Ancaria even with the two new characters.
v2.24 included in Sacred Gold DVD ISO Demo 2.01GB plus Sacred Underworld, soundtracks, manuals & (uploaded by Shattered)
2CD ISO Demo includes v2.28 patch which removes protection, map & scans. Manual is on disc. 1.33GB (uploaded by Shattered)
Included in Sacred Gold English/French Budget DVD ISO Demo plus Sacred Underworld, Patch v2.28, scans 3.98GB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Sacred Gold - GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.4 1.88GB (uploaded by Shattered)
included in Sacred Gold AlcoholClone DVD ISO Demo 3.93GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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