Sacred Amulet, The / Aztec: The Curse in the Heart of the City of Gold Cryo Interactive Entertainment, France Télécom / DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. 1999

1917. Mexico-Tenochtitlan - The Capital City of the Aztec Empire. You are little serpent, a young huntsman. You live a simple life and there does not seem to be anything that could disturb it. Until one day, when out hunting you come by chance upon the murder of a nobleman who gives you mysterious information before he dies that you should never have heard... Soldiers accuse you of the murder, a crime which you did not commit. They have taken your parents hostage to force you to give yourself up. A strange illness is eating away at the country, the doctors are powerless. A few meager clues make you think that this perhaps has something to do with your own misfortunes. Will you know how to use these clues properly? Be careful, there is danger everywhere and you do not have much time. Choose your friends well. Unmask the traitors. There will be many intrigues. Your destiny has changed completely. The fate of the Aztec world rests on your shoulders, and on yours alone. The historical environment has been validated scientifically by specialists well known for their knowledge of Aztec civilization. Certain architectural and musical extrapolations have been made to compensate for some gaps in specific knowledge. The animation of 50 characters with facial animations in real time 3D is used to show all the varied facial expressions and gives true-to-life dialogues. The very many lavish cinematic scenes reinforce the dramatic intensity of the story. There's 3 in-depth game modes: adventure - exploration - encyclopaedia.
Clone ISO Demo 610MB (uploaded by DnDler)
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Russian Clone ISO Demo 604MB (uploaded by DnDler)
ISO Demo520MB (upped by Egon68)

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