Sam & Max Hit The Road LucasArts 1993

This classic adventure is one of the best loved games from LucasArts. You play Sam (a Canine Shamus) and Max (a hyperkinetic rabbity thing), the freelance police. Travel all over the US on the trail of a sasquatch named Bruno kidnapped from his place at the Hall of Oddities, and on the way visit locations like The World's Largest Ball of Twine, The World of Fish, and The Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit. The puzzles involve some of the most twisted humor in a LucasArts adventure game, and the dialogue including a non-sequitur option goes way over the top. Beside puzzles, there are also some action sequences, like Wak-A-Rat. Sam and Max Hit the Road has our heroes setting out on a bizarre manhunt, spanning the entire caricatured US of A. They encounter strange locations, entirely unhelpful clues, a cast of suspicious (possibly dim) characters, and a number of plot twists (one is a number, right?) that complicate their mission. Like previous LucasArts adventures, Hit the Road was based on the SCUMM story system. However, this game had a few notable new features. It was the first LucasArts adventure to feature an cycling verb point-and-click interface, that is, where the player right-clicks to select a different action icon, like "use" or "look at", rather than picking from a list of verbs at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, there were several 3D models integrated into the 2D environment at various spots throughout the game to create some sort of effect, a first for LucasArts. It was released simultaneously on floppy disk and CD-ROM; the CD version had a full voiceover soundtrack.
included in The LucasArts Archives Vol. I - 6CD ISO Demo 786MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo 8Mb (@ Fajnegry)
Full Demo 17MB ( @ Abandonia)
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Full Demo 7.87MB / Full CD Demo 82MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo (uploaded by nanette) 160 MB
Included in Maniac Mansion II - Day of the Tentacle & Sam and Max Hit the Road (1997)ISO Demo334MB (upped by Egon68)
v2.0 2003 Version ISO Demo 242MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Included in Zehn Adventures - German 2CD ISO 842MB (provided by dead-meat & uploaded by Scaryfun) *collection of 10 German Lucas Arts adventures
Browser-Playable Java Interactive Demo (uploaded by RGB Classic Games)
Floppy ISO Demo & Scans 36MB (uploaded by Egon68)
v2.0 2002 Edition ISO Demo 79MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Windows 7 compatible Full Demo 86MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
GOG Digital ISO Demo v2.0.0.7 + Extras 114MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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