Scooby-Doo: Case File 3 Frights, Camera, Mystery! Mindscape / The Learning Company, Inc. 2007

In this adventure for kids, when Scooby-Doo's around, fun can't be far behind. Join Scooby and his hilarious sleuthing pals on a memorable, mystery-solving romp. With multiple levels of challenge for lasting appeal, you'll never run out of exciting ways to play. Explore a theater, movie set, sounds stage and more in six different activities all packed with games, puzzles, surprises, and laughs. Collect clues to unlock a bonus hidden activity. Solve multiple mysteries – uncover new clues and different villains each time you play. Work your way through three levels of challenge: spooky, spookier, and spooktacular. Keep the fun and learning alive even after the computer's turned off with great printable activities. Build essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, deductive reasoning, and logic.
ISO Demo 253MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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