Scooter's Magic Castle Electronic Arts, Inc. / EA*Kids 1993

Would you like to have your own castle? With lots of chambers, secrets, puzzles and activities to do? Well, Scooter now owns such a castle, and he's very eager to see what he can find inside! And he can find quite a lot. Scooter's Magic Castle is an education game where you control Scooter, and by clicking on various items in the Castle you can interact with them, often starting a small mini-game. The activities available around the castle are numerous, ranging from simple memory tests to composing your own melody. During his travels around the castle's corridors, Scooter is assisted by a helpful owl, who acts as the game's options menu and can also teleport you to any chamber.
Full Demo 4547kb (@ Abandonia)
Eagle Eye Mysteries In London and Scooter's Magic Castle ISO Demo 602MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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