Sex Olympics Free Spirit 1990

One of several games featuring intergalactic hero "Brad Stallion" and his ship, the "Big Thruster". They're all pretty much rip-offs of Infocom's Leather Goddesses of Phobos, but distinctly aimed at male players. Fortunately, Free Spirit finally realized how stupid their parser was for their previous games, and replaced it with icon-based interface for the third and final game, Sex Olympics, in which you participate in Sex Olympics tournament. The point-and-click interface makes the game a bit more tolerable (since you no longer need to guess the verb). Some of the command icons are "screw," "jerk off", and "kiss." 'Nuff said. One good idea is that you can recruit women to follow you around, although they serve no real purpose other than being the object for the "screw" command.
Full Demo 771kb (@ Holy File)

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