Skipper and Skeeto: Tales from Paradise Park Ivanoff Interactive / GSP 1996

Under cover of a crackling storm the wicked witch swoops in through the window and snatches the good fairy's magic wand. The good fairy groans in despair because without her wand she is grounded. She rushes to her wishing well and immediately asks Skipper and Skeeto to get it back. She tells them that the wicked witch has hidden it somewhere in Paradise Park and that if Skipper and Skeeto seek out all the animals that live in the park and help them to find their lost items, then they in turn will help to prise the wand from the clutches of the wicked witch. So begins this sweet little play and learn adventure with Skipper the Mole and Skeeto the mosquitoJ . Essentially the game play involves one big treasure hunt. Hunt down the park residents, find out what they have lost, and then hunt down the relevant items to keep them happy. And it's a hunt that's all good fun in this brightly coloured land consisting of 48 locations and a host of creatures to interact with. Rubin the Rabbit has lost his trousers, Bessie Bee needs a pail for her honey, Murray the Monkey wants some music, and there's sure to be something useful in the tree house if the five missing rungs of the ladder can be found. In order to earn more magic points and get some handy help, the player can take a book from the shelf and play a game. There are around 10 different games, not all of the same merit, but mostly very good. As well as a memory game there are games that teach telling the time on an old fashioned analogue clock, number and letter recognition, spelling and arithmetic. The English release was in 2000.
Manu ja Matti: Lomalataus - Nordic Clone ISO Demo 125MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Leg og Lær med Magnus & Myggen - Danish ISO Demo 110MB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Topi y Teo en el Parque Paraíso - ISO Demo (full Spanish/English text and VO) 183MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
2000 English/Russian ISO Demo + French ISO Demo 173MB/150MB (uploaded by

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