Sofia's Debt Santiago de Matos Lima / Artisticsoft 2004

This free English & Spanish adventure was created with the Wintermute engine. It is a day like any other in the life of Ana, future single mother, on her eight month pregnancy. Ana has a very busy life which she could not calm down in spite of her state. She would have never wanted to leave university, but the need was much stronger on the day she learned she would not only have to support herself and nobody else would be able to help her. Ana became an orphan two years and a half ago when her father died. Her mother as well as her grandmother had killed themselves after they had their first child due to a rare schizophrenia. This makes her feel uneasy since she is pregnant now; but not too much, she has other things to worry about! It’s 8:00 PM and Ana has just arrived tired after a long day of work, which is worse because of how much her belly weighs, she only hopes to take a rest... Do you dare to feel the horror? Sofia's Debt is a mini adventure game that tells a stoy with strong emotions and terror. This game is like an episode of a horror tv series (like "Twilight Zone" or "Tales from the crypt") that has a claustrophobic feeling in a very short time.
Full Freeware 9Mb ( @ Great Games Experience)

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