Sonic CD SEGA Enterprises Ltd. 1996

This is a standard Sonic the Hedgehog side-scrolling action game. Dr. Robotnik has taken over the Little Planet, captured Amy, and created Metal Sonic with the goal of collecting all the Time Stones to be able to manipulate time and conquer the world. It is up to Sonic to stop him, by rushing through levels set in different time periods, collecting Time Stones. Sonic CD has features that take advantage of the CD format such as CD audio, video clips, and more levels (over 50 in total). This version contains the complete FMV animated intro and ending sequence. All versions of the game, including the Japanese version, use the North American soundtrack. In Jan/2012, a fan-made port developed from scratch using the "Retro Engine" created by independent developer Christian "Taxman" Whitehead, was released by Sega as a digital download that works on modern Windows o/s. This engine allows improvements to be made to the game, including widescreen graphics and the option to utilise spin-dash physics from Sonic 2. Players are also be able to unlock Tails as a playable character. The port also features both the original Japanese/European soundtrack and the American soundtrack, as well as achievement and trophy support and iOS features.
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ISO Demo 725MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
DirectX version ISO Demo & WinXP fix 506MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
(Dino Libraries) + CD-DA Tracks - Fan-Made ISO Demo 485MB (uploaded by Thircase)

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