Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Interplay Productions, Inc. 1995

This tie-in actually missed the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek's TV debut by half a year (nearly 3 years in the case of the Amiga version), but it uses the original series' characters and settings. You start the game from the USS Enterprise, exploring space in search of adventure. When on board the ship you have full control over its destination, and any combat which arises from entering hostile space. You can communicate with other ships, and order repairs for the Enterprise when required. The adventuring bulk of the game comes in the form of many landing party missions, in which you beam down to the surface of a planet and explore. These play in point and click style, with the ideal goal being to complete them non-violently. However, your performance is rated based on how many extra discoveries and advances you make, and how you interact with the mysterious alien races, so there's value in exploring the surroundings (which look much like they do in the TV series) in further detail. One of the best Star Trek adventures ever produced, 25th Anniversary has it all: excellent plot (in each of the game's "episodes"), good puzzles (including multiple solutions that may not yield optimal 100% score), and great graphics. The only downside in this game is the combat, which is frustrating for non-action gamers but thankfully can be won at "easy" setting. Interplay later released an enhanced CD version of the game which features full voice acting from actual cast members.
included in Star Trek: Federation Compilation (1999) European 10CD ISO Demo 5.12GB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo 5MB ( @ Abandonia)
ISO Demo 241MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Interplay's 10 Year Anthology - Clone ISO Demo 274MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
included in Interplay's 10 Year Anthology - Clone ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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