Starshot: Space Circus Fever Atari Europe S.A.S.U. 1999

In this 3D cartoonish platformer you play as Starshot, a juggling performer in a failing circus company called the Space Circus. With a lot of luck, you'll be able to run through seven gigantic levels in order to help your boss get his circus back up to speed and pay off your debtors, who were kind enough to plant a talking bomb on your ship in case you don't pay back the money in time. Starshot's an interesting hero to play, especially because he's actually the sidekick to Willfall, a tiny robot whose job it is to smooth over matters with the bank, and stop the machinations of Wolfgang von Ravel. Starshot has the standard set of platform tricks at his disposal, namely the ability to run like he's on fire and jump better than most pouch-wearing marsupials. He fires/throws a set of energy balls from his hands, and can do multiple pounces to reach higher areas. If you hold down the fire button, you can control your shot, which in the end proves to be an interesting trick which doesn't get implemented all that much in the final product. Your robot pals WillFall and WillFly (a "tame" rocket) are constantly at your side during your adventures, and if you grab the right fuel you can even ride WillFly, one of the best tricks in the game. The game drips every level with a nice coating of Looney Tunes-inspired French design, from the bright colors to the cartoony look of the 3D villains and friends you encounter on your travels. There are an endless stream of characters that cross your path, and much more dialogue than you'd expect from your standard jump-and-run epic.
ISO Demo 354MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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