Static: Investigator Training Ethereal Darkness Interactive 2009

Investigator Training is a short episode currently set to kick-off a the new Static series of Paranormal Investigation games. This is a game where you assume the role of Julie Masters, a Berkshire Paranormal anchor-investigator, as she reluctantly roams the room of Mary Houghton in the Houghton Mansion of North Adams Massachusetts. It is a classic adventure, using live captured, stylized art assets, and a host of gameplay catering to paranormal investigation. Assume the role of a girl with a love for coffee and all things haunted, as a new initiate into the Berkshire Paranormal Investigation group and guide her along her first investigation of the Houghton Mansion. The game features the use of various "ghost hunting tools" to capture evidence of paranormal activity, along with unraveling the story of the Houghton Mansion with some scares along the way. In Oct 18/2018, a Special Edition was released with improved features, Developer Commentary Mode, Completely Re-Written in HTML5 - play-in-browser, many-platforms, many-devices.
Level Demo 124MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Full Demo 355MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Browser-Playable Special Edition - Level Demo (uploaded by Official Site)

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