Sterling's Gift White Rabbit 2007

Fans of historical adventures can now get a glimpse back into the post-American Civil War era thanks to this release, the debut title from independent developer White Rabbit. Set in what is now the Neill-Cochran House Museum in Austin, Texas, Sterling's Gift tells a fictional tale of what happened in the house during the year it was used as a hospital by General Custer shortly after the war. The game revolves around a magical gift that a young blind orphan named Sterling gave to Libbie Custer for Christmas in 1865, which she kept secret from everyone but wrote about in her personal diary. In the game, the player discovers Libbie's old diary, and must thoroughly search the house, discover additional clues, and solve the puzzles that will lead to the secret of Sterling's miraculous gift. Played entirely with the mouse and presented in a series of photographs of the actual house, it should provide between 6-8 hours of gameplay according to the developer.
ISO Demo 543MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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