Sting!, The neo Software Produktions GmbH / JoWooD Productions Software AG 2001

Known as "Der Clou 2" in Europe, the Sting is a crime adventure/sim where you start out as a small "hood" as you arrange for different "jobs" (robberies) with the different people (over 50) performing their roles. Getting to know the right people and doing successful jobs are the stepping-stones to this goal. However, there is no way you can do a job alone, you need mates to help you, and they will all want their share of the loot. It makes sense to keep their number as low as possible. Of course, the better known they are, the better they perform.Arrange the break-in, bypass the security system, avoid police and security patrols, and make your clean getaway. Your ultimate objective is to perform "the Sting", the biggest heist the city has ever known. There's 20 large places to burgle, such as a food factory, the grave digger's house, the freight terminal, and the bank. Plus there's 70 additional buildings, several of which can be broken into, and a vivid town with passers-by, traffic and a taxi system. Over 60 different npcs, most of whom are ready to commit burglary, roam the city and over 50 different getaway vehicles such as trucks, sports cars, etc. The security measures to overcome include: alarm systems, cctv, sensors, and microphones.
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Level Demo 42MB (uploaded by File Planet)
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Full Demo ~22Mb Cutscenes ~68Mb Intro ~54Mb (uploaded by Scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 542MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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