Stupid Invaders Xilam / Ubisoft Entertainment 2001

Stupid Invaders is based on a tv cartoon series and begins with five aliens (with six heads) crash-landing on Earth: Bud, Etno, Stereo, Gorgious, and Candy. They take up residence in an abandoned house while waiting for Etno to repair the flying saucer so they can return home. Meanwhile, deep in a remote area of the desert known only as (insert anticipation-building music here) Area 52, hidden away in a secret laboratory, the mad scientist Dr. Sakarine is plotting to capture the aliens so he can do some vivisection experiments on them. And it's not sex change operations (much to Candy's dismay)! Dr. Sakarine sends his henchman, Bolok, out to capture the aliens and their ship. Bolok shows up at the house where the aliens are staying just as Etno puts the finishing touches on the spaceship repair. Only by sheer luck, and TV addiction, does Bud escape Bolok's fearsome ice gun. As you can probably guess, Bud must then free his compatriots if they are to have any hope of going home again. The game then plays out over four chapters, and umpteen million locations, and each alien gets multiple turns at being the main character ("hero," if you will).
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Level Demo ~100Mb ( @
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4CD CloneCD ISO Demo 2.12GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Custom Installer to run on modern o/s 1.67GB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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