Super Spy / Superspy: Das Omega-Projekt / Superspy-1 GAMECO, LLC / NAVIGO Multimedia 1997

You play as "Superspy" Michael Andrews and your mission is to stop terrorists killing thousands of people. They got in the possession of a secret chemical weapon, code-named Omega, which was supposed to be shot into space because of its dangerousness. Once your partner, now your foe, Kane puts you up for a challenge. If you win it you may be able to stop this catastrophe from happening. Superspy is an adventure game with classic Point & Click interface. Additionally it contains some simple arcade-like shooting sequences. These sequences are static screens in a 1st person view. You have to point on the enemies with the cross-hair cursor and click on them before they fall over. Sometimes reloading is necessary. At last there are time limited challenges like the disarming of a bomb. Since you have unlimited continues they shouldn't prove to be hard to master.
German ISO Demo 197MB (upped by Scaryfun)
English & Hebrew ISO Demo (thanks to GigaWatt & upped by Scaryfun) 251MB
Italian ISO Demo 413MB (uploaded by vitali80)

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