Symbiocom / Syn-Factor Istvan Pely Productions / Bethesda Softworks 1998

We are on the verge of a new age where mind and machine blend seamlessly. It is the age of the SYMplant. At SYNSYM, their dedication is to the advancement of life. Today, only a select few have been enhanced. But soon the synthetic implant will be a factor in all our lives. The attack struck unexpectedly and when it was over, the I.S.T. Rident was left adrift in the depths of space. The crew and passengers were gone, spirited away by two unidentified battleships. A solitary survivor remains on board the Rident. You. Plunge into the adventure of a lifetime. You must track down your missing crew mates. Your search will lead you across the galaxy from one exotic locale to another. As the mystery unravels, a nagging doubt plagues you throughout your travels: Why were you the only survivor? You will unravel a conspiracy that runs deeper than anything you ever imagined. You will discover an evil that has taken numerous human lives and committed them to a fate worse than death. And you will do this in a breathtakingly vast and detailed environment, teeming with fascinating characters and exotic locations.
ISO Demo 350MB (upped by Scaryfun)
v1.0 Retail No-CD Patch 1.41MB (uploaded by Tranit)
Full Demo with PCem Win95 emulator 462MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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