Teatro Woyzeck - Bozo Games 2009

THEATRE, an evoking and fascinating word, is now a new downloadable free game; the first creation by Woyzeck, player on real theatre stages as an actor and an enthusiast AG gamer in private life. THEATRE evolves through several short chapters, a series of dreams -but are they?- each concerning art and its various facets. It starts with a date, a date at "the theatre". But which theatre and where? And when, as it looks like time is not passing by? Chapter after chapter the player will be led, through time and space, to a backstage, to the desert or to a freak's circus in the middle of a forest, or even to the slopes of an icy land and across secret caves to face ancient creatures. THEATRE is not a typical escape game, but eventually you'll have to reassemble a famous painting to "escape the closet" and what about climbing Elsinore's walls or fly on a Montgolfier to gently drift into another dream? The chapters are #1 Doubleheaded Buster, #2 Balthus' Trap, #3 The Opium Smoker, #4 Hamlet's Ghost, #5 Beckett Of The Desert, #6 Freaks!, #7 The Lords of Time, #8 The Cure.
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Freeware Episodes 1-8 2.47GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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