Teen Agent / Teenagent Metropolis Software House / Union Logic Software Publishing 1995

This humorous point & click adventure has lots of references to LucasArts games. Originally available as shareware it was later re-released as freeware. You take the role of Mark Hopper, an ordinary teenager who gets hired by the RGB intelligence (he was selected by a fortune teller) to solve the mystery of gold disappearing from the Mega Bank. But first you're sent to the RGB training camp where you'll have to pass the three trials! It's a fun adventure that is both humorous and exasperating.
Full Demo 3MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Freeware Digital Download ISO Demo 15MB (uploaded by Good Old Games)
Polish 3FD ISO Demo + demo 1FD ISO Demo + pre-installed shareware version, manual and other scans 26MB (uploaded by Karsa Orlong)
Nowy Teenagent - Polish Clone ISO Demo + Scans (dumped from original media exclusively for the 10th anniversary of AL by Karsa Orlong & upped by Scaryfun) 313MB

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