Tender Loving Care Aftermath Media LLC 1998

A noteworthy psychologist unraveling an enigma, his beautiful and tragic patient, her dangerous husband and the mysterious, sensual psychotherapist who turns their world upside down. Add in two-time Oscar nominee and acclaimed British actor John Hurt (Alien, Contact, Elephant Man) and you have all the elements needed for a top Hollywood Blockbuster. Based on the novel by Andrew Neiderman (Devil's Advocate) and shot on 35mm film with state-of-the-art sound, video and special effects - it's a game, and an accurate psychological exam. By responding to questions about the characters, and some personal ones as well, Dr. Turner (Hurt) uses the Thematic Apperception (personality) Test - your answers are integrated directly into the game, and later used to affect character situations and the dramatic ending. Watch the story unfold. Investigate the environment by reading intimate diaries, collecting phone messages and Email. Hear the characters reveal their darkest secrets. Since Tending Loving Care was created specifically for the DVD, it takes full advantage of the dramatic leap DVD provides in video, sound and overall experience. Realism, and attention to quality, conspire to draw the gamer into this mysterious and enveloping world, which is truly interactive - evolving itself based on your specific personality. Differences in releases: CD Rom (interlaced video, most people manage to get this working on modern PC's); DVD Rom (better quality video, requires tlcupdate.exe); DVD Video (best video, works on any hardware/software dvd-player, but lacking background sounds/music during exploring and supposedly one question-list); 2012 iOS/iPad.
dvd9 ISO Demo ~6GB (provided by hfric & uploaded by Scaryfun)
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Clone 4CD ISO Demo 1.54GB (uploaded by Meddle)
dvd9 ISO Demo (mirror) ~6GB (uploaded by zobraks)
DVD Video Game Manual
Updated Player for CD and DVD PC release 207kb (uploaded by THQ archive)
Dual-Sided DVD ISO Demo + Scans 7.79GB (uploaded by reynolds)

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