TKKG 1: Jennifer Is Missing Tivola / Viva Media 1997

This is an innovative CD-ROM detective game featuring the TKKG gang, but you have to keep your wits about you if you want to successfully solve this case. In all German-speaking countries they are the most commercially successful series of novels of their type, apart from The Three Investigators. They call themselves TKKG, after the initials of their names: Tarzan (later renamed in Tim, because "Tarzan" is a trademark), Karl, Dumpling (in German Klößchen, in Australia called "Klumpling") and Gab(b)y; an unofficial fifth member is Gaby's Cocker Spaniel, called Oskar. Since 1979 they continually solve all sorts of crimes, from thefts and robberies to kidnappings and terrorism. The books were written by Rolf Kalmuczak, under his nom de plume Stefan Wolf. As the title implies, Jennifer has mysteriously disappeared, and you are quickly faced with a number of questions to answer. Why is Sandra keeping so quiet? What is Peter, the nasty private tutor, up to? And is Barbara Dupont as dumb as she makes out? The news of Jennifer's disappearance is broken to her friends (Tiger, Kevin, Katy, and Grunter) while they are lounging around in a café, eating ice cream and talking about their school holidays. They immediately drop everything and go searching for her--it's your job to help them. Before you set off, you click on one of her friends (your detective partner), who will tell you about his or her family and interests. Then, by simply clicking on the map of the city, you can visit different locations and ask witnesses the crucial questions. All budding detectives must be prepared for a lengthy assignment and bear in mind that some of Jennifer's friends are better at finding clues than others - Grunter likes to eat and talk about chocolate all the time, but Kevin is nicknamed the computer brain and is the genius of the bunch. Choose wisely or you may have your work cut out for you.
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ISO Demo131MB (upped by Egon68)

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