Tommy Tronic Oasis Games / Interplay Inc. 2010

This is an old-skool platformer that isn't trying to be anything else! Jumping, shooting, dodging and exploring is all that's required to help get Tommy to his destination and free his tiny puppy from the clutches of an insane genius school-kid and his brutal sidekick 'Biffa'. It would be straight forward too, if it wasn't for the fact that this journey will take Tommy through Gnarly wood; a twisted and eerie forest that adults avoid let alone tiny children! Imagination runs amok as Tommy confronts his childish fears head on, all in a bid to be reunited with his beloved pal 'Yapz'! It has colorful cartoony 3D graphics and smoothly animated 3D characters. There's simple controls & game-play with non-linear level designs, secrets & bonuses, and an amusing plot that is suitable for children or adults.
Trial Demo 52MB ( @ Softpedia)
Full Demo 51MB (uploaded by Steam)

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