Tony Tough And The Night Of Roasted Moths Prograph Research / Got Game Entertainment 2002

Tony Tough is a traditional 2D "point and click" adventure with a crazy story. The humor and style are reminiscent of old LucasArts games, like Day of the Tentacle. Tony is a pint-sized Columbo, outfitted in a yellow slicker and hat. To be more exact, he’s a gnome-sized, nasal-voiced hypochondriac momma’s boy who left home at the tender age of thirty to work for a private detective agency. Now, ten years later, he’s still diligently toiling on the same case involving a pumpkin-headed, candy-thieving psychopath who takes great pleasure in stealing innocent children’s Halloween candy. But Tony is about to embark on an even stranger adventure as Pantagruel, his purple pet tapir, has been kidnapped sending Tony on a desperate search deep inside a demented carnival populated with a peculiar cast of characters – a bearded lady, a fortune teller, a pitiful clown - and a full assortment of rides – a ferris wheel and the tunnel of love – and a pizza shop, hot dog stand and a pirate-themed restaurant. It has wonderful, colorful graphics that will flood you with memories of games enjoyed in years past. The humor succeeds most of the time and the voice acting is quite good.
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Level Demo ~56Mb ( @ Gamers Hell)
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ISO Demo (uploaded by Egon68)

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