Treasure Hunter Cryo Interactive Entertainment, Microfolie'se 1997

Treasure Hunter is more than just another game. It takes you on a mystery quest that leads you to the ocean bed where the secrets of the past lie buried beneath the waves. A special 3D universe has been created just for you: explore the majestic chambers of the Seville archives, enter the dungeons of a fortified abbey, navigate in a labyrinth haunted by the victims of Blackbone the pirate. Treasure Hunter presents five mysteries, ranging from the Santo Cristo, a Spanish galleon, to the Southern Star, an American pocket steamer, five wrecks that must be found in order to rescue their fabulous archeological treasures from a watery grove. Once the game is over, an extra option gives direct access to its cultural richness: 22 different documentary sequences including an account of the great geographical discoveries, a history of piracy, the early life and struggles of the Order of Malta, the feeding habits of sharks, a history of pocket steamers ... and much more.
3CD ISO Demo + Unofficial Patch to run game on DOSBox 1.46GB (uploaded by

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