Treasure Island Dizzy The Oliver twins / Codemasters 2004

This was the second game in the Dizzy series but only came out on the PC in a free emulated version of the C64 game. This game is quite different to its predecessor, with a new inventory system and improved animations. The game notably contains fewer enemies than the previous with the game more centred around inventory based problem solving. The aim of the game is to solve various puzzles in order to obtain a boat so that Dizzy can return to his friends and family, the Yolkfolk. To do this Dizzy must journey through haunted mines, tree villages, as well as underwater. The game also features a subquest (albeit one essential to completing the game) in which thirty gold coins must be collected. Critics consider this one of the most difficult Dizzy games as the energy bar system of later titles was not yet implemented and Dizzy is provided with only one life. Also unique to this game, the player is unable to select any particular item from the inventory for use - Dizzy simply puts down whichever item is at the top of the list. It therefore requires more foresight and planning than the other games in the series. Adding to the diffculty of the game was the fact that the player had two main tasks to complete; the escape from the islands, and the collection of the thirty coins. Given that a number of the coins were hidden behind scenery, this second task proved to be more difficult than the main game.
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Freeware Version (C64 bundled with emu) 2.7MB (uploaded by Abandonia Reloaded)
DizzyAGE Remake 1.25MB (uploaded by Yolkfolk)
C64 & Amiga emulated versions included in Dizzy: 30th Anniversary Collection 397MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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