Veggie Tales: Minnesota Cuke & The Coconut Apes Big Idea Productions, Inc. / ValuSoft, Inc. 2004

Playing off themes familiar from the Indiana Jones series of adventure films, this Veggie Tales PC game features Larry the Cucumber as a swashbuckling explorer. Playing the role of "Minnesota Cuke," Larry has just recovered a valuable artifact -- the "Crock of Hookie Balookie" -- as the game begins. Unfortunately, while returning to the museum with this treasure, his airplane crashes. Minnesota Cuke is not hurt in the accident, but when he arrives at the crash site, he finds that someone has taken the valuable relic. In the 15-level game of action and exploration that follows, Minnesota Cuke (and hopefully also the boys and girls who control him through the adventure) learns an important lesson about stealing. Like other Veggie Tales games, television shows, and movies, Minnesota Cuke and the Coconut Apes is by Big Idea Productions, a company dedicated to presenting values-based entertainment grounded in a Judeo-Christian world view.
ISO Demo 183MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo 44MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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