Vigil Blood Bitterness / Victi Blood Bitterness Freegamer / Micro Application / Garage Games 2006

This is a unique-looking adventure with almost black and white graphics made with the Synopsis source code. "All my heroic deeds were but an offering to cowards. Those thousand warrior slaves sacrificed under the same flag would have just contributed to give more importance to a caste dedicated to command a decadent people. Bitterness has invaded my mouth, a deadly venom rushes through my veins, confidently drank in a cup offered by traitors. I will no long feel the warmth of defeated blood on my battle-pained body. My last enemy was my own kin. The ultimate attack against evil may not happen, our deceased One knew it, I will never know...". It's a 3D episodic adventure game where you play a character trapped on an asteroid, a relic of an ancient civilization.
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Level Demo ~124Mb ( @ Gamer's Hell)
ISO Demo 191MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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