Voodoo Kid Infogrames 1997

This is a horror adventure game for younger gamers and when the game starts, you are reading a bedtime story about Baron Saturday, who is an evil voodoo spirit captain that's turned all the crew of his ship into mindless zombies, and is taking them to the Island of Lost Souls. You fall asleep, and are transported onto the ship, were you meet the Captain's Butler who needs your help. He asks you to save all the other lost souls, spirits, and zombies who are trapped on the ship. Throughout the game, the Butler will give you clues. At times your character will become trapped and, using voodoo artefacts to free your 'spirit', you must wander the ship in ghostly form seeking a solution to your predicament. You get to choose to play as either a boy or girl, either way the game's still the same. It's a fun adventure for beginners.
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ISO Demo 542MB (uploaded by Egon68)
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Full Demo with PCem Win95 emulator 581MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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