Wake Boss Baddie! 2010

Wake is the story of a trapped engineer. He wakes up in the engine room of a sinking ship and has to make his way to the surface above where rescue awaits. Along his way he'll find items including a radio that receives messages from another nearby survivor, a torch to see in the dark during power-cuts, keys to open locked doors and a fire axe to smash through obstacles. Dodge bullets and fire, most of all avoid drowning. Discover the secrets of what really happened. There's 18 achievements and online highscores. Also it has full Xbox 360 controller support, and a free OST with bonus tracks, full 12 page manual and health and safety brochure. A 2013 Edition was later released which includes widescreen support, wider controller compatibility, new randomization system, bug fixes, added new traps and loads of new little features.
2013 Edition - Full Demo v1.06 56MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 257MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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