Larry Lotter and the Test of Time / Warthogs Crystal Shard 2006

In thsi free fan-made game created with AGS (Adventure Game Studio), it is time for the final exams at Warthogs Magic School, and notorious slacker Larry Lotter is about to flunk all of them because he spent less time studying and more time drinking beer. But there is yet hope! Using a spell to travel back in time, he gets the chance to do his day over again and pull some tricks to pass the exams anyway! And he has to, because it's his Destiny. Join Rob Greasley, Calliope DeRanger and Professor Mumblemore in this short Harry Potter parody, loosely based on the greatly admired books by J.K. Rowling. Watch the other characters act and interact of their own accord, and spin time back and forth to interfere. Includes a voice pack. Other characters in the game walk around on their own during the day, and you have to take advantage of them being somewhere (or not being somewhere) at certain times. Thankfully you can rewind time as often as you need to - it's a bit like Groundhog Day. In 2016, a commercial version was released that offers voice acting, Linux support, various languages, achievements, and trading cards.
Warthogs - Free Game with voices 21MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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