Wet Attack: The Empire Cums Back Interactive Strip / CDV Software Entertainment AG 1999

Similar to Lula - The Sexy Empire, this game sort of comes in three parts. The player begins by stealing a spaceship, named "The Tit", then begins searching for Lula, who is lost in space. Following leads, the player travels from planet to planet. The game starts, and occasionally puts you back, in a point-and-click adventure mode. Wander around. Use A with B. That kinda thing. Secondly, once you get your spaceship, you do a bit of travelling about, bouncing from planet to planet, trading resources and managing your own 'business'. This is the main part of the game. Thirdly, occasionally Pirates will try to attack your ship whilst you're en-route somewhere. To be honest, as long as you've got at least one mediocre gunner and mediocre guns you never need put yourself in the firing seat. In fact, you can quite easily go the whole game without entering the 3D view at all - a flaw perhaps. In addition to this, there's chances of seeing lots of cut-scenes, half of which are moderately 'interesting'. Do pay attention when you get close to the end of the game, by the way - You can quite easily finish without realising it...
6CD ISO Demo 2.47GB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Italian 6CD ISO Demo 1.92GB (uploaded by vitali80)

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