Whispered World, The Marco Hüllen / Daedalic Entertainment 2009

The Whispered World is an impressive project developed by a graphic designer student in Germany named Marco Hullen. It tells the story of a boy named Sadwick. He roams the country with his family in a circus wagon and earns his living as a clown. One night he has a dream and a blue spirit tells him that he has to embark on a great journey to enlightenment in order to find the sense of life. Since his life as a clown is not a very fulfilling one, he jumps on the opportunity and leaves his family, attempting to trace the great secret. So the great journey through a fantasy world begins. The game includes over 20 sceneries and is sort of a cartoon movie played by your self. Sadwick is accompanied by his pet (a small worm) that will provide some funny moments throughout the game's story. Some of the noteworthy events that will take place in the game include Sadwick meeting a troll under a gigantic bridge, seeing carnivorous birds, entering a village on the back of an eagle and finally solving the mystery of the game in the palace of the mirror natures. In May/2014, a Special Edition was released which included exclusive contents, such as audio comments, featuring the games' authors Jan 'Poki' Mueller-Michaelis and Marco Huellen, a completely overhauled tutorial as well as new achievements.
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Level Demos German Alpha with voices 115MB (@Clubic) / German 701MB / English 593MB (@Gamer's Hell)
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DVD ISO Demo 2.32GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English Alpha Level Demo 47.7MB (uploaded by mr.editor)

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