Wild World Of Madison Jaxx Corel 1994

A Global Learning Adventure! Are you ready for non-stop global adventure and intrigue? Join The Wild World of Madison Jaxx and become part of a crack team of international special agents assigned to various regions around the world. A host of challenging missions awaits you in this five CD-ROM game - with elusive criminals, deadly viruses and lost treasure at every turn. Go undercover as a distinguished archaeologist, a gifted film maker, even an expert oceanographer. Visit over 500 locations and solve more than 90 cases - each with full-motion video, narration, maps and photos. Hours of game play and a comprehensive online encyclopedia make The Wild World of Madison Jaxx an exciting learning adventure. Features: A comprehensive geography game, nine real-time video characters to choose from, an interactive geographical encyclopedia of more than 530 sites in 150 countries, 100 country maps and 100 regional maps, over 450 location photos, more than 90 cases to solve, and a scorekeeper to keep track of your progress.
5CD ISO Demo 2.99GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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