X-Fools, The: The Spoof Is Out There Parroty Interactive / Palladium Interactive 1997

This parody game features the ultraparanoid musings of two ex-FBI agents, Mulley and Scudder, who believe that the actual X-Files show is really an attempt by extraterrestrials to brainwash unsuspecting viewers. As evidence, the pair present video clips and photos suggesting the alien invasion already has begun. A closeup of Ronald Reagan's neck, for instance, shows a purported topographical map of Mars. X-Fools owners can also go online to share their own conspiracy theories and participate in a trivia contest for prizes. The unauthorized paranoid paranormal parody of government cover-ups and alien autopsies is packed with interactive games and paranormal activities. All these covert and comical activities include: Trust No One - test your knowledge in this "X-Fool-ish" trivia game. Abduct This - Beam up cows, aliens, men in black and more. Run Agent Run - Ditch the aliens in this bureaucratic maze. The Evidence Locker - "Borrowed" items from the X-Files set. The X-Cam - Video footage of seemingly everyday occurrences - or not! Doctored drafts - What if aliens controlled television? Deviant Dossiers - Background checks on famous X-files villains. Conspiracy Computer - Zoom in on historical photos - the conspiracy is in the details. Plus, discover the surprise ending.
Browser-Playable Abduct This! - Free Flash Game
ISO Demo 419MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with Windows Emulator 525MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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