Zork: Grand Inquisitor Activision Publishing, Inc. 1997

This wonderful game is a real treat for any gamer, combining as it does a great story with original puzzles and outrageous characters all in a setting that is both hauntingly beautiful and unique. But for those adventurers who remember and loved the old Zork games and their Great Underground Empire, it is a veritable nostalgic feast. Because it incorporates elements and landmarks of all the previous Zork and Enchanter stories, with the same zany humor, attitude, and unpredictability that made those games so famous. You learn that all magic has been banned from Zork by order of a self-important bombastic villain called the 'Grand Inquisitor'. The area has been taken over by his troops, a curfew has been instituted, and the people are all terrified. You are a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, with a great new product called 'PermaSuck', and are busy canvassing in occupied Port Foozle when suddenly night falls, curfew is called and the Inquisitor's henchmen seal off the area. Desperate to find a way out of town, you explore everywhere, and the only opening that you find is one that goes down a dark dry well, leading off underground to God-knows-where. But you have heard that vicious man-eating Grues lurk in the dark recesses of Zork, and you don't have a lantern! It's a 1st Person, 3D, point and click game with 360-degree turns. And a chronologue is included in the box with a timeline and the major incidents in Zorkian history to bring you up to date. For the most part the puzzles are not too difficult, although there are one or two which may have you pulling your hair. This is a great game, one that is guaranteed to lift your spirits and make you feel good. In the Great Underground Empire, you will time travel to Zork's past, hobnob with the Dungeon Master Dalboz, and visit the famous Zork White House, Flood Control Dam # 3, GUE Tech, and Hades. And you will experience firsthand the kind of offbeat humor that made Zork legendary... like the crazed subway, the singing security guard, and that unforgettable phone, with voice mail, in Hell.
2CD ISO Demo 955MB (uploaded by Egon68)
WinXP Setup
Special Edition DVD ISO Demo 3.71GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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