Saya no Uta / Song of Saya Nitroplus 2003

This is a visual novel with horror elements. Like Nitroplus' heavily Mythos-inspired Demonbane series, Saya no Uta's plot is somewhat Lovecraftian. Although direct references to the Cthulhu Mythos are minimal, the dark, eerie atmosphere is reminiscent of his works. Many plotlines are similar to the manga Phoenix - Resurrection, specifically the life of Robita. It revolves around a medical school student, Fuminori Sakisaka. Before the main plot, he was involved in a car accident which killed both his parents. He was saved, however, by an experimental brain surgery... which just happened to drastically alter his perception of the world. Everything now appears to him as if it were made from guts, slime, and gore. Well, almost everything. One night while still in the hospital, a girl dressed in white appears before him. To him she appears completely normal, and above that, downright beautiful. Rather than consider the why of this, he latches onto her as his reason to keep living, and convinces her to move in with him once he's released from the hospital. The more things go on, however, the more Fuminori withdraws from the rest of his life. His friends become increasingly worried for his sake, including Yoh Tsukuba, who has had a crush on him since before the accident. His doctor, Ryoko Tanbo, still has the impression that there's something he's not telling her... This is true enough; out of fear of becoming a lab experiment, Fuminori never told her (or anyone save Saya) about the way he now sees the world. Finally, there is his search for information on Professor Ougai. All these things and the decision on whether Fuminori wants to be normal interact to drive the plot forward. Not for the faint of heart, for obvious reasons. On February 24, 2009, the complete English 1.0 translation patch was released. A three-issue comic book based on it, called Song of Saya, has been produced by IDW Publishing and was released from February though April 2011. On Aug 13/2019, a newly Remastered Version was released that was updated for Windows 10 and beyond. This new version includes: New Game Engine; Higher Quality Image Resolution; Improved Translation; Better System Compatibility with Windows 10; edited for everyone on Steam.
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Full English ISO Demo 403MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Digital Download ISO Demo 237MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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