Ishar: Legend of the Fortress Silmarils 1992

This is the sequel to the Crystals of Arborea. Morgoth and Morgula, the black god and his witch wife who were defeated in the previous game, had a child, Krogh. Their evil progeny is based in the fortress Ishar, which means "unknown" in the elven tongue, and has plans to reduce to population of Kendoria to slavery. The player takes the role of a traveler who, with the aid of up to five companions, battles through the fortress to defeat Krogh and stop the spread of the powers of chaos. Unlike its predecessor, Ishar is viewed entirely from first-person perspective, and its combat is action-oriented rather than turn-based. It boasts exceptional 3D graphics for their times, huge gameworld, alternate solutions to puzzles, and --best of all-- different personalities and goals of your party members that make gameplay tenfold more colorful and fun.
Full Demo 1.21MB (uploaded by
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Included in Ishar Trilogy (1995) ISO Demo 51MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
Adventure Games Fun Collection Vol. 2 - German Clone 4CD ISO Demo 1.10GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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