Just Me And My Mom Big Tuna New Media, LLC / GT Interactive Software 1996

Hop on the train and head to the city with Little Critter, his mom and Frog. Get ready for the time of your life. Visit the museum and watch the dinosaurs rap. Join Little Critter as he tours the aquarium, art museum, fancy restaurant and department store - and makes all these places his personal playground. Filled with so much fun and pleasant surprises, Just Me and My Mom is one exciting adventure in which all kids will love to share. It features twelve beautifully rendered story-telling screens, each loaded with twenty to thirty hot spots. Seven "secret" screens hidden within the 12 story-telling screens that kids will love to find. These secret screens are rendered in 3-D and have either hot spots to click on or run as little movies. Page thirteen is a music page, in which kids can sing along with Little Critter and his band, learn the words and music, or lay the piano to their hearts' content.
ISO Demo 78MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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