Star Justice [Ru] New Media Generation 1998

This exciting game with action elements is a quest equally interesting for adolescents and adults. First of all, it will attract fans of detective stories and science fiction. The game takes place in the future on an unknown planet. The protagonist is a lone biologist who studies in a new galaxy of wild, but friendly animals. However, he is faced with a terrible crime, and the decision of the board of the Star has him appointed Judge of the Star - the legislative and executive authority in the world. It is his duty - to investigate and find the culprit. For this purpose, the player must unravel the whole chain of indirectly linked events and those resulting from the criminal. Search for clues and evidence collection is accompanied by the overcoming of resistance. At the same time, you play to solve a complex puzzle, not allowing yourself to a single wrong turn. The player is able to demonstrate the full force of his intellect and capacity for rapid decision-making. The game features impeccable graphics - all landscapes are not flat images but three-dimensional landscapes, creating the effect of the presence of an unusual game world.
Russian 3CD ISO Demo 1.79GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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