Mortadelo y Filemón: Operación Moscú [Sp] Alcachofa Soft / Zeta Multimedia S.A. 2001

The world is in peril, for as any decent and ambitious secret cult should be expected to be, the Sixth Sect is up to no good. They're plotting to raise an ancient Egyptian Deity to enslave mankind, and it falls on the shoulders of the two most incompetent TIA operatives to stop them. So whether the world is quaking in fear due to the Sect's evil plans or because their last hope is Mortadelo y Filemón is not entirely certain. Their mission, should they manage to figure out how to accept it, will be to obtain and secure the Holy book of Amon Ra and Cleopatra's ancient Scarab medallion, key items in the mad cleric Apotheosis' plan to for world domination. How they’re expected to achieve this is beyond anyone’s guess, including theirs. Operación Moscú (Operation Moscow), is a typical 3rd person Point & Click Adventure game with a few innovative features not often seen in this genre, such as multiplayer, allowing two players to cooperate and finish the game together by controlling one of the two main characters each. Operation Moscow is an individual game, however once you complete it and El Escarabajo de Cleopatra (Cleopatra's Scarab) you can combine them together to play the third part of the story La Sexta Secta (The Sixth Sect). If another friend of yours has also the two adventures installed on their computer, you both can play on the Internet or a local network, one controlling Mortadelo and the other Philemon. With the "shoe phone" you will begin to contact the other to communicate and help each other.
Spanish ISO Demo 322MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English Fan Translation 98MB (uploaded by Living The Nerd Life)

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