Shine: Die Angst hat einen Namen [G] Chilli / BMG Interactive Entertainment Developed 1996

German-produced game Shine is a typical Myst-like 1st-person perspective adventure game with pre-rendered backdrops. In this game you will become Shine. But who is Shine? You don't know when you start the game. You don't know anything but that you are in Twilight City, a once huge and crowded metropolis. But all life and population seems to have vanished, everything is past and only remains as a distant memory. Strange artificial creatures, lost musicians, no day and no night - what dark secret does the city hold? Become Shine and find out by exploring murky and frightening places, meeting bizarre creatures and people and solving a few puzzles. Behind the numerous doors of the institute insanity and nerve decay are lurking. An old man's eyeball, through the peephole of his door, asks curious questions. The story takes place in Twilight City. In this former center of esprit and fine arts a general decay began. Eternal dawn prevails and an oppressing atmosphere is extending. The gamer controls the character of Shine. But who is Shine? The gamer must find out that by the painstaking collecting of small pieces of information. Other characters give hints about your origin or lead the player into a dead end. Those who try to approach the solution of this adventure with logic and systematic way, are finally really ready for the lunatic asylum. Numerous considerable artists like the photographer Florian Seidl (Amica, Marie Claire), the German Heavy-Metal-Formation Schweisser and Ludwig Hungs, well-known grimace-artist from the McDonalds advertisement nevertheless care that the player will be confused on an artistical very high level. Those who don't understand the game can simply get high on the graphics and sound.
German 2CD ISO Demo 787MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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