Tun Town (A-Mao A-Gou) [Tw] Softstar Entertainment Inc. 1998

The story of Tun Town takes place in the small town of the same name. The student LeLe returns to Tun Town during the summer holidays. He discovers that there is a war going on between dogs and cats. Under leadership of the Cat King, the cats have defeated the dogs. LeLe and his friends unite the dogs and beat Cat King to bring back peace to the town. But the gangs in the big cities also want control over the town. Lele, his dog friends, Cat King and the cats form an alliance to fight and defend their hometown. Tun Town is a Chinese-made role-playing game. The gameplay system is similar to that of Japanese-style RPGs, with party management, simple turn-based battles, and automatic leveling up. It is possible to collect parts to build different kinds of weapons in the game. The visuals are cartoon-like, and the plot has humorous elements.
Taiwanese 2CD ISO Demo 982MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
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