Tun Town 2 (A-Mao A-Gou 2) [Tw] Softstar Entertainment Inc. 2005

When LeLe, the boy who understands the language of animals, receives a letter from his parents, he is sad to discover that they want to sell Uncle John's ghost house, in which he and his friends spend so many memorable moments in their previous adventure. LeLe decides to buy the house with his own money; the problem is, where would he get so much money from?.. Then his friend, the genius boy scientist A-Ji, tells him that he received a Nobel Prize for a cure he invented against a virus that makes people's minds readable by others. Selling the new medicine would surely finance the purchase of the ghost house!.. The problem is, the Nobel Prize never reaches A-Ji; it is secretly intercepted by his brother... but for what purpose? Like its predecessor, Tun Town 2 is a humorous RPG made by the well-known Chinese developers. Gameplay mechanics mostly follow the Japanese template, with a few tweaks. The exploration takes place mostly in the large city. Enemies are seen wandering on the streets; a contact with them triggers a separate battle screen. The ATB (active time battle) system is reminiscent of Final Fantasy games; the player has to execute battle commands quickly, as the battles don't pause and enemies still act regardless of the player's actions. Characters learn special techniques which require technique points, equivalent to magic in comparable games. Beside the human characters, various animals (such as dogs) can join the party and assist it with their special abilities. Similarly to the system implemented in Xuanyuan Jian 4, the player can collect various materials and then craft new items and accessories out of them. Various mini-games are accessible in Tun Town 2, such as dog races, shooting range, etc. The graphical style is similar to that of the first game, with cartoon-like, comical design and animations, but translated into 3D with the cel-shaded technique.
Traditional Chinese 4CD ISO Demo / Simplified Chinese 4CD ISO Demo 1.92GB / 1.93GB (uploaded by Molitor)

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