Legends of Valour Synthetic Dimensions / Strategic Simulations, Inc. 1992

The city of Mittledorf is in chaos - an evil cousin of the King is oppressing the people. Your cousin Sven is not evil though, so when he disappears, you head to Mitteldorf to try to track him down. Legends of Valour is a role-playing game using a similar movement system to Ultima Underworld. You walk through the world in real time, passing texture-mapped buildings. The complex gameworld is over a mile squared and includes 40 miles of underground tunnels, as well a thousands of characters getting on with their daily business. When designing your character, you can customise his or her looks, and this affects your likelihood of being befriended or fought. To make any inroads into finding Sven, you will need to join professional Guilds and complete quests. You have spells available to you, but will need to acquire more as the game progresses. The UK version of the game was subtitled 'Volume 1 - The Dawning', as indeed, there were more chapters planned (they never materialised).
Floppy Images ISO Demo 5MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 4MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
Full Demo 7MB (uploaded by Juego Viejo)

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