Space Station Alpha: The Encounter Time Blazers / TeraMedia Inc. 1996

Time Blazers was a series of CDs for children. Students enter an abandoned alien spacecraft. By gathering clues and interacting with strange devices, students learn about science, mathematics and technology as they try to unlock the aliens' secrets. This gives an opportunity to inspire tomorrow's generation of astronauts. Mission Control to all Time Blazers. A personal message from retired US AstronUT Eugene Cernan - last man on the moon. Apollo 17. "What lies beyond our solar system... past our galaxy? As we blaze through space, will we find new civilizations that possess answers to the questions we face here on Earth?" With adventures in orbit as the backdrop, children will learn about science, mathematics and technology. As a creative tool in discovering and exploration, nothing else in the universe compares to it.
ISO Demo (provided by Hellsgate & uploaded by Scaryfun) 346MB

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