Doc Apocalypse Midian Design 2012

Eight months passed. He took the atomiser, the heart of the time machine (he had not been confident leaving the mechanism active while Tachy had been around), opened the door and took a deep breath. The air-regenerators of own his invention, which had been active in the bunker, had done their work, but breathing real air, albeit still contaminated, was satisfying in an entirely different way. He had to find his family, force his way through the rubble and survive in the face of anything he might meet out there. Activating the time machine (fortunately it did not require electricity, only the atomiser) would have been easy, however it was a much more complex matter to program it for a jump into the past. He was not yet capable of doing that, although the idea of being able to save his wife, before he had met Elzebeth, would spur him to overcome the problem. His mission was a simple concept, but confoundedly difficult to realise: to go and warn himself, eight months earlier, to prevent the Apocalypse. On Dec/2017, a Deluxe Version was released on Steam that includes: All new full English voice acting; A brand new sci-fi soundtrack; Complimentary score system; Added additional puzzles; Steam achievements and trading cards.
DVD ISO Demo 1.11GB (uploaded by Egon68)
Freeware Game 312MB (uploaded by

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